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"created beautiful"

Capturing the WILD of Floral Design

I am passionate about creating beautiful floral designs with a bit of a wild vibe, using fresh, dried, seasonal and foraged flowers and foliage.

Behind the name

I am Lorraine,
And I am wild about Eve
        the first ever woman
She was created loved
        I love that she had purpose
        I love that she was sought out
        I love that she was treasured

She had a garden
I imagine it was stunningly beautiful
And a little wild

Lorraine loves taking the wild and the beautiful to produce her unique creations of floral art.

Perhaps I am a romantic, I guess all florists are. Whatever your beginnings belief is, I hope it has a garden - beautifully wild, untamed, free to wander through and delight in. For me, it is Eden, meaning delight or pleasure. Its garden is endless in its display of vibrant colours, sweet aromas, beautiful blooms, greens, mossy branches, berries and pods of all shapes and textures. I am free to wonder here, to wander and forage here among the bees and the sunshine, and to create here - not just for my own pleasure, but for others too. It is Eve’s garden.

I'm one of the lucky ones

I am married to Campbell
(my partner and fellow adventurer in life),
and have four amazing adult sons, and, along with their girls, I have been loved. 

Living in a boy family has its adventures and advantages; you end up being on their team, and they on yours. These five, crazy-unique boys, support and love me in everything, including my passion for floristry. 
I am wild about floral design and styling.
It fills me up. I think I’ve found my ‘thing’! 

I love ...

the unconventional, 
the unique, and the WILD. 
And, if it has a curl, welI,
I get a little excited!
Oooo and I love foraging! 

Sourcing wild flowers, mossy branches, berries, cones and pods, flowers from my own and my girl friends' gardens, locally grown suppliers, the many talented New Zealand-wide specialty growers, and our wholesale markets, I get to create beautiful designs. 

Ready for a little bit of WILD?

If you have any questions, want to make an order or booking, or just want to connect, please email me using the form below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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Message Sent

My home-based workshop is in Raglan

20 Rangitahi Road
Raglan 3225
Hours: Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Saturday - Please enquire
Sunday & Public Holidays - Please enquire 

Text or call Lorraine on 027 2082908

For rePurposed Joinery call Campbell on
027 3112229


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