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d e s i g n e r  d r i e d  f l o w e r s

Want something different?
Let me go a little wild and create for you a Designer Dried Flower arrangement. I use only naturally dried flowers and foliage selected for their long-lasting genuine colour and unique textures.

Here's some inspiration, plus a link to my shop. 

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Preordering is required for custom dried flower designs.

For dried flower wedding enquiries, go to Weddings

For Keepsake designs, check out the Blog of Ambah's wreath - A Sentimental Commissioning  

For my very popular Designer Dried Flower Wreaths, go to Designer Wreaths

Plus you can read below about how to care for your dried flowers

Care of Dried Flowers

Created out of my passion and love for floral artistry, these designs have been made using only naturally dried flowers and foliage that hold their colour well without the use of preservatives and dyes, and, made with strong floral mechanics using a 3-fold technique. Floristry wire and cable ties are used to create the first beautiful design base, and to ensure it is held together well, then to finish, the gluing in of fillers giving flair and balance to the design. The result is that these Dried Flower designs are strong and beautiful … but, are still delicate by nature -

• Lifetime 1-2+ years
• Display indoors
If you choose to display outdoors, make sure it is sheltered and undercover – bring inside during harsh weather conditions
• Keep away from moisture
• Do not expose to direct sunlight
• Spray occasionally with hairspray. This acts as a gentle 'glue', helping to keep the design together 
• Remove dust with hairdryer on cool gentle speed
• Avoid crushing - the flowers and foliage are fragile

Taking these steps can keep your dried flowers looking beautiful for as long as possible. As these designs are created using natural product, their lifetime is not as long as those that are made with product that have been chemically treated through the use of preserves and dyes
– natural fading, shrink back, and dried flower dust drop is to be expected

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Ready for a little bit of WILD?

If you have any questions, want to make an order or booking, or just want to connect, please email me using the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lorraine, Wild About Eve, Raglan Florist.

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