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floral workshops

Get in touch with your wild side, and let your creativity flourish through one of these designer workshops. Be guided into learning the skills that florists use to create stunning designs with gorgeous blooms and textural foliage. No matter which workshop you choose they are fun, creative and informative.

Grab a few girl friends and organise your own private intimate unique-to-you workshop,
or sign up to one of those advertised.


AUG 4  |  10 AM - 12 PM  |  $120 PP


Create your own fresh flower arrangement in a Jam-Jar

Using a beautiful array of fresh flowers and foliage, get hands-on creating your own centre-piece arrangement for your dining/coffee/workspace table in a jam-jar, while at the same time learn the art of floral designing in a sustainable way and without products that harm the environment. I will work with you on creating your own design using the techniques that florists use.

Workshop includes -
Flowers & Foliage - a variety of fresh seasonal local and NZ sourced flowers and foliage
Jam-Jar - see below for details
Morning Tea
Special gift from Raglan Vibes -
a little something special handpicked by the girls from their giftware shop

Intimate workshop - limited to 4-5 people

Venue: Raglan Vibes giftware shop, Wainui Road, town shopping centre of Raglan

jam jar
/ˈdʒam dʒɑː/
a glass jar used to contain jam or other preserves
In this case, fresh flowers! Beautiful seasonal fresh flowers arranged in a jam jar. The flowers are designed to sit beautifully in the vase. 

Why a jam jar?
1. Flowers love water - designing flowers in water is the absolute best way to ensure their longest life possible. This is such a win. Plus, popping a little flower food in the water also increases their vase life.
2. Memories - I think we all remember these Agee or Perfit jars full of preserves or jams, homemade by our mothers or grandmothers, or aunties. They bring back the nostalgia of summer fruits and winter puddings, or lashings of jam on toast.
These jars are still around, and I love them.
3. No wasted packaging - I practice sustainable floristry. While I do use papers and ties for bouquets, I use products that can be recycled, reused, and/or biodegradable. But with jars, you can use them again and again and again. The Jam Jars come with their screwbands - a design feature - but which means you can even use it to make your own jam, or as a storage container with that retro-inspired look. (It does not come with the metal jar seal)

* Refund policy: if you need to cancel your spot in your chosen workshop, a full refund will be given with 10 days prior notice by email to wildabouteve@icloud.com, otherwise, a 75% partial refund will be given (product, workshop space, and organisation for the workshop will have been purchased or confirmed at this point)

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DEC 9  |  10 AM - 12 PM  |  $120 PP
create your own gorgeous Christmas centre-piece bowl design

Using a gorgeous array of fresh flowers and foliage, pods and cones, and other Christmassy products, get hands-on in creating your own centre-piece for your Christmas table, while at the same time learn the art of floral designing in a sustainable way and without products that harm the environment. 

Workshop includes -
Stonefusion scoop design bowl - made from a composition of 40% natural products (30% stone and 10% wood) and 60% recycled polypropylene, plus UV resistant agent
Flowers/Foliage/All Products
Drinks & Grazing Platter 

Intimate workshop - limited to 4 -6 people

SEPT 16  |  10 AM - 12 PM  |  $90 PP
create dreamy hand-tied & wrapped fresh flower bouquets

Learn the art of spiraling to create beautiful handtied bouquets, along with wrapping techniques. Once you know how to do this, you’ll be taking flowers whenever you catch up with a girl friend.
Flowers/Foliage/Wraps included
Drinks & Platter provided
Intimate workshop size 3 - 5 people
Venue: my home-based workshop at 20 Rangitahi Road Raglan

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OCT 14  |  10 AM - 12 PM  |  $90 PP
create beautiful styled fresh flower crowns

"everyday should be a flower crown kind of day"  If you'd like to learn this skill, and love to create something a little more detailed, this would be a great workshop for you,  
Flowers/Foliage/Wires, Tapes & Ribbons included
Drinks & Platter provided
Intimate workshop size 3 - 5 people
Venue: my home-based workshop at 20 Rangitahi Road Raglan

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For other workshop and venue options see below or email me here wildabouteve@icloud.com

design gorgeous fresh flower vase arrangements for your home

Learn to create vase arrangements for yourself using the skills and creative flair that florists use. Make your home look stunning with fresh flowers whenever you choose.
Flowers/Foliage/Vase included
Drinks & Platter provided
Intimate workshop size 3 - 5 people
Venue: my home-based workshop at 20 Rangitahi Road Raglan

Fresh Flowers
in a Vase

$90 per person

Fresh Flower

$90 per person

Flower Crown

$90 per person

Dried Flower

$90 per person

Living Terrariums

$90 per person

How it works -

      You come to me. Come and join me for an intimate workshop at my home-based workshop.

  • All materials included

  • 3-5 people

  • 2 -2 1/2 hours

  • Nibbles and drinks provided

  • Grab a couple of friends, email me to make your private workshop happen, or

  • Book in to one of the advertised workshops. Tickets can be purchased here

    I come to you. I join you at your home, workplace, venue, or AirBnB

  • All materials included

  • 6-15 people

  • 2-2 1/2 hours

  • You provide the nibbles and drinks

  • Travel costs extra, based on travel time to your destination, and fuel allowance

  • Email me to discuss your workshop ideas

    Use the contact form below if you'd love to connect with me and chat some more about your Workshop idea.

"We would do this again in a heartbeat!"

"Lorraine taught a group of us to create floral wreaths for a friends hens party. She was so lovely and easy to work with. Everyone had an amazing night and made some absolutely stunning wreaths.
Thank you again, Lorraine. We would do this again in a heartbeat!"

Ambah, Hamilton
July 2020

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Ready for a little bit of WILD?

If you have any questions, want to make an order or booking, or just want to connect, please email me using the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lorraine, Wild About Eve, Raglan Florist.

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Raglan florist, Wild About Eve, home-based workshop -

20 Rangitahi Road, Raglan 3225
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Weekends & Public Holidays - Please enquire

Text or call Lorraine on 027 2082908


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