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f l o w e r   c l u b

Subscription Flowers
Delivered to your Door

Subscribe to the Flower Club - or gift to a friend. You pick the frequency, I pick the flowers.

Surprise them over and over, and over again - or enjoy for yourself - a beautiful hand-tied bouquet of seasonal flowers.  Each bouquet is carefully packaged and delivered right to the door.

Local Flower Club members will receive their flowers paper wrapped. Further afield members will receive their flowers boxed.

For Local Business flower subscriptions, see Workplace Florals


Once a month, for 3 months, $210. 
Imagine the delight! 


Once a month, for 6 months, $410. 
Months of anticipated excitement! 


For weekly or fortnightly subscriptions please fill out the contact form below. Just Imagine the beauty!

Payment options:
1. Pre-payment for the Flower Club. You can make your payment on my online shop here - Flower Club.
If you need to cancel the subscription at any stage, a full refund will be made for the remaining months, provided 7 days' notice is given before the next delivery date.
2. Automatic payment for the frequency of your subscription. Please email me for this option, and I will give you banking and reference details. 

Local Delivery is Free within 6kms of Raglan township. Flower Club Subscription Flowers Delivery to other areas is extra. For information on shipping please click here.

Use the email form below to subscribe.  

Seasonal flowers delivered to your door

A girl friend once anonymously subscribed me to a year of a home décor magazine. Month after month in my letterbox there was another issue. I loved it! I would set it aside until I had time, then I’d sit with a coffee and devour the glossy pages of beautiful homes. It wasn’t until near the end of the year that I figured out who had given me this exciting and ongoing gift.

​I'm so excited about the Flower Club

I imagine your excitement! The courier turning up, the anticipation of what the flowers may be, and the joy and beauty these will add to the windowsill, entrance table, coffee table, or wherever the favourite spot. I choose and arrange seasonal florals and greenery. You choose how often. It works just like the magazine subscription my girl friend gifted me. 

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Ready for a little bit of WILD?

If you have any questions, want to make an order or booking, or just want to connect, please email me using the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lorraine, Wild About Eve, Raglan Florist.

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Raglan florist, Wild About Eve, home-based workshop -

20 Rangitahi Road, Raglan 3225
Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm
Weekends & Public Holidays - Please enquire

Text or call Lorraine on 027 2082908


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