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Create your own wedding style with lush, romantic, and unique to you wedding flowers. As one of the most significant days of your life, make it you, make it memorable, and make it fun. 

If you are thinking of an elopement, an intimate ceremony, or a large gathering of friends and family, contact me for your unique flower dreams.

I still have spaces for the 2024 season, so gather your wedding ideas, use the email form below, and let's start a conversation about your special day. Scroll below to view wedding gallery.

Check out the florist/bride wedding process here, 
Wedding Flowers - from dream to reality

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Tesh & Dave


Tesh & Dave - Raglan

Tesh & Dave - November 2023

The flowers were PERFECT Lorraine! ... We had the best day ever! Thank you so much for all your wonderful work of putting them together for us, loved them.

Photographer: Kay Buchanan Photography

Mikayla & Mujtaba

Lake Karapiro, Waikato

Mikayla & Mujtaba - Lake Karapiro, Waikato

Mikayla & Mujtaba - October 2023

Poppy & Ruben

Red Barn, Waikato

Poppy & Ruben - Red Barn, Waikato

Poppy & Ruben - September 2023

Devon & Scott

Te Awamutu

Devon & Scott - Te Awamutu

Devon & Scott - April 2023

Thank you so much for the flowers, they were absolutely stunning. Devon

Photographer: mhp photography nz

Gilleen & Pete

Whale Bay, Raglan

Gilleen & Pete - Whale Bay, Raglan

Gilleen & Pete - March 2023

Eloise & Miles


Eloise & Miles - Raglan

Eloise & Miles - February 2023

Thank you so much, it was such a fantastic day and we are so filled with love. The flowers were absolutely amazing, they exceeded my expectations and everyone commented on how beautiful they were all day, so thank you so much for your amazing work. Eloise

Photographer: Kiri Masters Photography

Vanessa & Tony


Vanessa & Tony - Ohaupo

Vanessa & Tony - February 2023

Photographer: Campbell Forlong

Bryre & Harry


Bryre & Harry  - Hamilton

Bryre & Harry - January 2023

Thank you again for making the most beautiful bouquet and flower crown I could have wished for! Bryre

Photographer: DreamLife Photography, Auckland



Katharina - Raglan
Shanelle & Jack

Hawera, Taranaki

Shanelle & Jack - Hawera, Taranaki

Shanelle & Jack - November 2022

The flowers were perfect Lorraine. I couldn't have wished for anything better. Shanelle

Photographer: Amy MacKenzie Photography

Jess & Josh


Final - NZ Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Jess & Josh - November 2022

Photographer: Hayley Adele Photography

Amelia & Keith


Final - NZ Wedding & Elopement Photographer

Amelia & Keith - September 2022

Thank you again Lorraine for the beautiful flower crown and buttonhole, they were perfect for our elopement day. Amelia

Photographer: Jinal Govind Photography

Grace & Craig


traceyclaire photography

Grace & Craig - March 2022

It was a wonderful day ... we absolutely LOVED our flowers, they were gorgeous and we couldn't have asked for better! Grace.

Photographer: mhb photography

Brittany & Cameron

Narrow's Landing


traceyclaire photography

Brittany & Cameron - February 2022

Such a wonderful day and so glad I had awesome vendors like you to make it so incredible. Flowers were honestly so perfect! Brittany.

Photographer: Tracey Claire photography

Farishta and Nasir - May 2021

Thank you for the beautiful flowers.  I really, really loved the flowers and the decorations. And please say thank you to Campbell for the photography.
Me and Nasir will never forget your kindness. Farishta.

Melissa and Ayalister - May 2021

Thank you! Love the flowers, honestly couldn't have asked for any better.  Melissa.

Erana and Nathan - April 2021

Thank you! I loved the flowers so much, they were exactly what I had envisioned.  Erana.

Magali and Marcelo - February 2021

I am so happy to have finally found your email address on your website! You would remember me as the French girl who bought my dried flower bouquet at your pop-up shop in Raglan for our wedding.   Magali

Julz and Andrew - November 2020

Wedding flowers had to be one of my favourite things to dream about during our wedding planning.  Our bouquets were so dreamy, and I was so honoured to carry this one of a kind creation throughout our special wedding day . I couldn’t have dreamt of anything more lovely.  Julz

Morgan and Alex's Wedding - July 2020

Pops of of berry-red, blush and rust ... and wild flowers please! Morgan

Ruby and Liam - February 2018

I loved my wedding flowers from Wild About Eve. They were exactly the colours and the type of bouquets I wanted and Lorraine did an amazing job with them.  Ruby

The Camino Bride

In 2019, I walked the 875km ancient French-Spanish pilgrimage, El Camino de Santiago, with my husband, Campbell.

At one small village where we stopped for the night, I went to the local church, as I did often, and with the wild flowers I had collected from the mountain ridge and roadsides along the way, I sat down on the grassy square in front of the church and made a wedding bouquet. 

There were many stories on this journey, where people met, they fell in love and got married. They often returned to the Camino as the sacred place of their meeting. I called this bouquet the Camino Bride, and afterwards wandered down the aisle, like the bride I had been many years ago, leaving it in the church for other pilgrim-lovers, and churchgoers, to wander in and enjoy.

Ready for a little bit of WILD?

If you have any questions, want to make an order or booking, or just want to connect, please email me using the form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Lorraine, Wild About Eve, Raglan Florist.

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