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A Valentine's Day Blog

Love can be so good

Years ago, just after completing my training as a florist, I walked in off the street into what I thought was a little florist boutique. It was Valentine’s week, the week that is one of the busiest on a florist’s yearly calendar. I just wanted to volunteer and be amongst it all. Of course, they were very happy to have my help. 

At the time, I can remember that the experience made me giggle. As Valentine’s Day landed on a Saturday, the week proceeding was crazy with orders of flowers. The Friday before was particularly busy. I was working at the back of the store just doing odd jobs, receiving and sorting flowers and keeping the girls stocked with whatever they needed. They were putting together bouquets left, right and centre. High with laughter from the lack of energy and long hours, they banded together to process and produce the orders that came flying past their workbenches. 

What made me giggle is that as the day went on, the walk-in customers increased: mostly male and of all shapes, sizes, ages and occupations. They had come in to buy flowers for their girl – whoever she was. It was so amusing. Some would stroll in confidently and know exactly what they wanted; they placed their order and then strolled out again with their bunch of newly purchased flowers to woo the girl in their life. Some would spend ridiculous amounts of money, while others almost fell over when they heard the price for a single rose on that day. 

Then there were my favourites – those that came in so awkwardly. They would stand at the counter and say nothing. They were embarrassed and obviously way out of their comfort zone. The girls up front of the store would have to gently and patiently walk these guys through it all, as they fumbled through the process of what to order. They too left with their purchase of flowers to give to their girl. 
I loved it. I watched on as for one day on our calendar year, love is celebrated – by all types.  It just made me realise how much we want to be loved and we want to show love.  


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