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Today's inspiration ... tomorrow's reflection

Just down the road from our home is the Whaingaroa Harbour.  It is a favourite walking spot for Lorraine and myself, and our dog Buddy.  We often walk out past the harbour entrance and along Ngarunui Beach with its black iron sand.  We continually find treasures as we take a slow walk, pausing while Buddy does his own exploring.  Washed up debris finds its way into many of Lorraine's floral designs, and I pick up small shells to add to my new collection, which I keep in my recently emptied Raglan Peanut Butter jar .  

My latest treasure has been in the form of inspiration as I have enjoyed the reflections on the tidal water against a carpet of dark sand, and a backdrop of cloudy skies, and rugged, yet green landscape.  

Several old forest green doors that I have rescued from a renovation skip just around the corner from home, have many layers of paint.  When stripped back they have revealed a very similar palette to this natural one on my doorstep at Raglan.  Then beneath the paint and primer are the rich timber grains, which when oiled and restored, complete the perfect frame - for reflection of a different kind.


rePurposed Raglan
Creating Mirrors from Recycled Joinery


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