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gift kono (gift baskets)

Wild About Eve Gift Baskets (Kono)

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“made in the spirit of Raglan”   

The stunning west coast town of Raglan is bursting with exceptionally talented business creatives, delivering quality products; famous for its ‘locally made’ small businesses, boutique shops, art and pottery studios, and workshops, let alone the surf. 

Our Wild About Eve dream Kono gift baskets (a traditional Maori basket woven with ‘corners’) showcases a few of these creatives who call Raglan home - from our artisan basket weaver, to the divine sensory experience of our chocolatery. The goal is to use local products, and to support local and New Zealand businesses, to give you a distinctive cultural experience of the spirit of Raglan.

Perfectly Floral


Being a florist I’m definitely about tempting you with this Kono gift basket, perfectly crafted with products with a floral bias. Which means basically, if I’ve used a particular flower, fruit, berry, or foliage in a floral design, it fits with the theme of this Kono.

Designed especially for HER as a gift for Mother’s Day, Brides/Bridesmaids/Mothers of the Bride, Birthday’s, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Daughters/Sisters/Aunts, and ‘just because’ gifts where you want your gift to be gloriously and deliciously floral. 

Check out the Beautiful Creators of our uniquely created Gift Kono


Meet Marianne, Raglan local, and artisan weaver of our Wild About Eve Kono gift basket using locally sourced Harakeke (flax).

I can barely enter her workshop/home without emptying my purse. Baskets are a particular love of mine.

Check out the lovely Marianne and her other amazing woven products, and upcoming classes, on her Instagram woven.nz 

Please note – when Marianne can’t keep up with Kono orders, I support our local Trade Aid, using baskets sourced from countries like Bangladesh, helping very poor women obtain the basics of living, and education for their children.

Raglan Candles

Meet Vanessa and Josh, creators and designers of Raglan Candles, unique, delicious and coastal styled candles and centerpieces. Oh my, Vanessa is just the loveliest!
This is a 100% pure soy wax candle, with the non-toxic fragrance Sweet Pea and Jasmine, and a natural cotton and lead-free wick.

Follow Vanessa and Josh on their Instagram raglancandles, and visit their webshop www.raglancandles.com for some of their other delicious, and coastal styled candles, and extras.

Raglan Soapery

I love love love these girls. Meet Casey and Ayla, designers and creators of Raglan Soapery. 

Beautiful creative business-women with a unique edge for marketing and business, Casey and Ayla’s divine soap, 'Self Love' includes lavender, geranium patchouli and rose. These are an all over body indulgence included in the Wild About Eve Kono gift basket. 

These Raglan handmade soaps are not only vegan, and earth friendly, they are “a piece of art for your bathroom”. They look good enough to eat.

Stalk these two on their Instagram raglan_soapery. You can even join up for a monthly subscription of their luxury soaps, at www.raglansoaperycom

Raglan Botanicals

Meet Fabi, creator of beautiful products at Raglan Botanicals. Kawakawa healing balm is made from some of my absolute favourite flowers and herbs - Manuka, Rosemary, and Lavender. You can use this to treat cuts, wounds, rheumatic pain, skin disorders, and toothache. Lovingly handmade by the beautiful Fabi of Raglan Botanicals.

Follow Fabi's journey on Instagram raglanbotanicals, and check out her other products at www.raglanbotanicals.c..., all handmade here in beautiful Raglan. You may also find Fabi at markets around the North Island. I'm sure she'd love you to stop and say "Hi".

The Seriously Good Chocolate Company

Get your fix from one of New Zealand's seriously great Chocolate companies. This Strawberry & Champagne chocolate bar in our Wild About Eve Kono gift basket, has been individually sourced and brought here to Raglan to tempt you with sensory delight. 

Check out The Seriously Good Chocolate Company Instagram. I must confess I am a chocolate addict, so this pure indulgence definitely feeds my habit.

Wild About Eve

And meet me, Lorraine, floral designer and owner of Wild About Eve. I’m passionate about flowers, their beauty, their scent and their ability to express whatever emotion they need to – and I am all about bringing beauty to your home, space, or event. 

In our Wild About Eve Kono gift basket I have included from my workshop, dried flower confetti (a handmade blend of table florals – meaning all the bits and pieces left from my dried flower creations) infused with the beautiful scent of Ylang Ylang, and a bouquet of especially chosen dried flower stems.

If you like, check me out on my Instagram wildabouteve, and follow the journey of all things Wild About Eve.

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I have loved putting together these Gift Kono expressing a little of the spirit of Raglan. If you need to say something special, to someone special, say it with a gift Kono. 

**Please note, sometimes items are not available, in this case, it will be replaced with a product of equal dollar value


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