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t e r r a r i u m s

The Terrarium Trend

I just love these! Vivid mosses, ferns, and semi-tropical indoor plants make a unique home decor item for your space, or a friend's. Enclosed in a jar, the plants create their own microclimate, requiring very little maintenance. 

DIY Terrarium

Here's your chance to create your very own microclimate and self-contained garden within a sealed container. 

Each kit contains the jar & lid, 6 base layers, decorative stones & moss, a baby fern, and how-to-build & how-to-care instructions.

"Perfect for someone like me"

"I love my little slice of garden sitting on the kitchen bench. Lorraine’s beautifully created terrarium is just perfect for someone like me who appreciates nature but doesn’t have loads of time to nurture plants. So clever that they can just water and feed themselves."

August 2020

A little bit of wild indoors

Each of our closed Terrariums is a self-contained miniature forest or garden within a sealed container. The combined essential layers of the terrarium produce their own microclimate. The plants and the soil in the terrarium release water vapor, causing water droplets to collect on the walls of the jar or bottle, which then trickle back down to the soil. Terrariums are self-nourishing, which is why they require little maintenance, if sealed. 

No two Terrariums are alike. Each one has been lovingly created with a unique selection of plants, mosses and decorative stones. The calming, enchanting, almost mystical-like aesthetic they provide, makes them a wonderful gift for a friend, or the perfect addition to your home.

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How to care for your Terrarium

1. Position in high light but not direct sunlight.
2. Remove the lid every second day for the first week to help acclimatise.
3. Requires little or no watering once established.  If large water drops appear on the glass, leave open to allow excess to evaporate (there should be some moisture seen on the glass). If dry, add water in small amounts. Use filtered water.
4. If leaves show signs of rotting, open container, remove affected leaves. Occasionally it may be necessary to prune or to replace a dead plant.
5. Act quickly if mould is present.  Remove lid to dry out.  Clean glass and any affected decorative item. Trim off any mouldy leaves and moss.

Ready for a little bit of WILD?

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