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Terrariums - 3 Litre


A little bit of wild indoors

Each of these closed Terrariums is a self-contained miniature forest or garden within a sealed container. The combined essential layers of the terrarium produce their own microclimate. The plants and the soil in the terrarium release water vapour, causing water droplets to collect on the walls of the jar or bottle, which then trickle back down to the soil. Terrariums are self-nourishing, which is why they require little maintenance, if sealed. 

3 Litre Ready to Go Terrariums
No two Terrariums are alike. Each one has been lovingly created with a unique selection of plants, mosses and decorative stones. The calming, enchanting, almost mystical-like aesthetic they provide, makes them a wonderful gift for a friend, or the perfect addition to your home. 

These 3L Terrariums are for pick up or delivery to Raglan and Hamilton only. They cannot be couriered.

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