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s u s t a i n a b l e  f l o r i s t r y

Working towards Wild About Eve being an eco-friendly florist business

Sustainable Floristry Raglan

So much of what we have typically used in the floristry business is dumped once the flowers have faded and drooped. The mechanics (like the floral foam), the plastic coated stem ties, the bright coloured dyed paper wraps, and so on, all add to the overwhelming rubbish dumped that is not bio-degradable or takes a very long time to do so. 

I am choosing to move towards sustainable floristry, and backwards to the way florists used to do beautiful floral designs without the use of those modern products that are harmful to our environment. I'm not fully there yet.

Here's where I am at though -

  1. Paper wraps and tissues are bio-degradable. I choose not to use bright coloured wraps that are full of dyes. 

  2. Stem wraps are re-usable and bio-degradable. I use Bamboo 'paper' towels. These can be unwrapped from the stems of your bouquet, washed and used up to 100 times as household wipes.

  3. Plastic bags used around the stem wraps to hold moisture in are bio-degradable, compostable bags, or re-usable freezer bags.

  4. Floral foam - perhaps one of the biggest problems facing florists because this is so incredibly valuable and easy to use in design. I am choosing to use less of this, and am purchasing the floral foam that is bio-degradable up to 75% in 1 year, see Oasis Floral Foam . It is a more expensive product per block, but the ongoing value of it outweighs its extra cost. Where I am able, I am choosing chicken wire, and old fashioned mechanics, and up-skilling my floristry.

  5. Bouquet and stem ties are all jute. None of it is plastic coated.

  6. Boxes and packaging used for couriering are recycled or reusable. If I receive a package full of bubble-wrap or something similar, I reuse it. If you receive a parcel from me with plastic packaging, I have not bought it specially.

  7. Labels - I am working towards combining printed labels, so that there are fewer of them.

  8. All the dried flower products that I use are naturally dried, without the use of dyes and preservatives. I choose flowers and foliage that are long lasting and hold their colour well.

  9. More than 90% of the fresh flowers and foliage used in design are sourced locally or are NZ grown.

  10. With all this, the expectation towards Sustainable Floristry Raglan that I have on myself, is to still produce designs that are beautiful to look at and receive, and that are less harmful to our precious earth.

    Wild About Eve - Sustainable Floristry Raglan


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