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f l o u r i s h

If you know of someone* who would FLOURISH through receiving a bouquet of beautiful fresh flowers, 
here's how it works -

email me at 

enter "flourish" in
the subject line

tell me a few details
about your *someone

*a person or family who could do with encouragement, a charity, a trust,
a community group, someone who is working in the field of helping others, or a person for who you would just love to show a random

act of kindness

add their name and
contact details

residents of RAGLAN within 6kms of town centre only

press "send"

at the end of each month
I will select someone

and deliver to them a bouquet
of beautiful fresh flowers

at no cost to you

Its as simple as that! but if you want to know more read on ...

How does Flourish work?

At the end of each month, I read through the submissions, but I may also just pull someone out of the hat.

I'll notify you if your person, or group, has been selected to receive a bouquet (reserving the right to choose).

Each bouquet will be generous. I am not putting a dollar value on it because I like the freedom to choose a little bit of this and add a bit of that to make beautiful designs. 

This is from Raglan, for Raglan, with the hope that we flourish here as a community. The confidentiality of each person or group will be respected.

verb -

to thrive, to grow, to exist in abundance, to be alive, to abound, to be productive, to succeed

Flourish says, 
“We see you. Our desire is that you will find your way back into a place of flourishing. We want to share with you what from we have.”
It says, "Thank you for helping others to Flourish."
It says, "Just because I'd love you to Flourish."

This ideology puts everyone in a place of “we are all the same. We are humankind - together”. Title, culture, gender, age, financial position, beliefs, etc do not come into play here. Respect, kindness, togetherness, and seeing people, are the values of Flourish.

Why Flourish?

At some point in our lives, we could really do with some encouragement, or could find ourselves in a place that is the opposite of flourishing - physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, we may experience ill-health, hardship, feeling low, lost, or stuck.

I love this ideology - "everything is yours and everything is not yours” - to give is not to be the saviour. It is not to come from emotional notions of possession or entitlement. It is not charity. It is not “These flowers are mine, I am giving you what is mine”, rather, “These flowers are ours. We are sharing what is ours”.

I, along with you, encourages a person/s to Flourish with what we collectively have here, on this planet that we share. As the community of RAGLAN, we all have unique and individuals things to bring into this pool of sharing. For me, its floristry.

There's another way of flourishing as well. If you just want to show someone a random act of kindness, "just because" - I love that! And I'd love to be part of helping you Flourish through kindness and at the same time, they Flourish through receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

So, let's do it!!

Read the full BLOG ...

Photos of "flourish" bouquets will be here for you to view.
Confidentiality will be kept of any message, or other personal details given .

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